This past Saturday, Walmart locations around Acadiana, Louisiana and the U.S. held a special "Baby Savings Day" sale to help parents save money. Reportedly, shoppers didn't find much of a sale, if any. says many Louisiana Walmart shoppers showed up for the "Baby Savings Day" sale only to find out the store's employees knew nothing about it.

Baby sections were packed at participating Walmarts across Acadiana and Louisiana, but reportedly no sales were to be found.

Some customers were told the "Baby Savings Day" sale was only online, contradictory to the information and list of participating stores Walmart released to the media.

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"'While nearly 3,000 stores participated, the demand surpassed even our expectations, and in some cases, customer expectations were not met, and for that, we apologize. It’s always our goal to provide customers a positive experience' a spokesperson said." 

It seems the main problem with the "Baby Savings Day" sale was a lack of communication and preparedness.

I haven't heard about any personal experiences from here in Acadiana, so if you have any info please let me know.

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