NFL star defenseman, Richard Sherman, was booked into jail today on a burglary domestic violence charge. As recently as yesterday, there was a report that Sherman and the New Orleans Saints have had multiple contract discussions and his landing there was still, "a real possibility".

UPDATE: @AdamSchefter has reported that Sherman's wife has spoken out on the incident.

More details are emerging surrounding an investigation into Richard Sherman. See the latest from @AdamSchefter via Twitter below.

See the statement on the arrest of Sherman from the official @NFLPA Twitter account below.

Our report on the arrest included that the incident was being investigated as a felony and that Sherman had been denied bail. With limited details currently available, we will have to wait and see what the authorities in Seattle release on the incident.

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Richard Sherman to the New Orleans Saints?

But, just a day before the announcement of Sherman's arrest, one NFL insider reported rumblings of the former Seahawk and 49er still potentially ending up in the Big Easy.

See the Twitter post from @MichaelBalkoJr below.

So, someone in New Orleans told this reporter that the Saints and Richard Sherman have had multiple discussions surrounding a potential contract. How far those discussions have gone, he did not specify. But, if the conversation goes past one or even two occasions - it is safe to say that there was mutual interest between Sherman and the Saints.


We posted a story earlier in the year that showed Richard Sherman narrowing down the Saints as one of three possible teams where he could end up for this NFL season. That adds a fair amount of credibility to the above report that Sherman and the Saints have had an ongoing conversation this offseason.

Now that the news of Sherman's arrest has come out, speculation around the details of the incident have been flying. While those details will surely be a determining factor of Sherman's future in the NFL, you have to wonder how far off the Saints were from landing the All-Pro cornerback who may have more experience at the position than anyone else in the league.

Whatever comes of the investigation, there were Saints fans on Twitter yesterday that had their own opinions on Sherman before the news of his arrest even came out.

Do Saints fans want Richard Sherman in New Orleans?

Check out some reactions to the insider's report that Sherman to the Saints was possible via Twitter below.

The point about Sherman potentially being a great mentor for younger defensive backs in New Orleans is very true, but that won't be the case if anything more than an escalated argument comes out of his burglary domestic violence investigation. Saints fans have their opinions on Sherman, but I am sure those opinions will be changing depending on the details of his arrest.

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