Richard Sherman is looking for a new home and he's reportedly narrowed it down to three teams.

Sherman is currently a free agent, and while the cornerback's best days may be behind him, as a five-time All-Pro with just as many Pro Bowl appearances to boot, the 11-year veteran still has a lot to offer any team with a slot to fill in their defensive backfield.

In a recent sit-down on First Take, Sherman revealed that heading back to Seahawks was a possibility.

I spend my entire offseason in Seattle. That’s where I live, that’s where my family is, so it’s never out of the cards. Obviously, (head coach) Pete (Carroll) and I have had conversations throughout the offseason. Everything just needs to shake out right; they’re still figuring things out; I’m still figuring things out. But it’s definitely not out of the cards.

Another possibility for the 11-year veteran could be the team he was recently let go from. The San Francisco 49ers have a system that Sherman is familiar with as he just wrapped up his third season in the Bay area.

There’s always a chance it could end up working out back in the Bay, I head back that way. That’s another place I’m really comfortable going. Obviously, I know the staff, know the team well. Just spent time there and I would be ecstatic if something happened there. They have a situation, but it’s one of those things that will happen late or during the season, if anything happens at all.

So, with two of the three options feeling like a step back for Sherman, his desire to play for the New Orleans Saints seems to be his top choice to me. During his appearance on First Take, the cornerback says he thinks the New Orleans Saints are a "good fit" but may not need him after their 2021 NFL Draft.

As a Saints fan, I know depth has been a contributing factor to the recent success on the defensive side of the ball, but could the Saints make it work financially?

Janoris Jenkins left a hole at the No. 2 corner spot and he was a veteran, so could Sherman bring the same energy to the team at a better price?

Obviously, Kris Richard being there makes a huge difference for me. But they just drafted a corner in the third round; Paulson Adebo and they’ve had a great secondary for a while. I don’t think they get enough credit. … They’ve been a fantastic defense for a long time, so I think it’d be a hand-in-glove fit. They run a great scheme, they’re in a really tough, competitive division. Almost all the divisions in the NFC are pretty tough these days. I think it’d be a fit, I just don’t think they have the need that people think they do.

An even better question: Is he willing to play in New Orleans for a bargain price?

What do you think about the idea of Richard Sherman in New Orleans? Sound off in the comments.

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