It's no secret that the Saints have struggled in 2022, but this is not how fans were expecting the season to go. Saints fans had high hopes for their team that seemed to have promising veteran leadership at the quarterback position with James Winston returning from injury.

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Winston hasn't had the comeback season everyone expected as he would be forced to miss time with injuries in week four. Even after taking a few weeks to get healthy, Winston still hasn't seen the field since week four but it's not entirely because of injury. Dennis Allen decided to go with Andy Dalton as the starter and has stuck with that decision even though the Saint's offense has looked awful.

Saints fans weren't entirely happy with the situation, in fact, many were saying that Winston was clearly the best option to win games. Regardless of the fans' disapproval, Dalton has been the starting signal called and looks to remain as such for the team's matchup against the Rams. In a recent interview, Winston opened up about the entire situation and expressed how he felt.

The reporter asked Winston specifically, why he lost his job. Winston responded with "I lost my job to my injury and the number one principle is that you don't lose your job to injury." Winston goes on to say how he believes he is healthy enough to play but he is gonna support his team and stay ready for when he is called upon.

After seeing the video circulate throughout the social media world, fans began reacting to Winston's heart-breaking response to the situation.

Dennis Allen says he is sticking with Andy Dalton at this point and time and I am not a fan of the situation. Even if the season is out of reach for the Saints, we still need to give Winston a legitimate shot to see what we have at QB moving forward. You won't get any answers going into next if you don't test him out. How do you feel about Dennis Allen choosing to go with Dalton of Winston?

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