It is August and the Cape Verde portion of the Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season is living up to its name. During this time of the year many Atlantic hurricanes and tropical storms get their start in this part of the world.

Since the area of open ocean that feeds these systems is near the Cape Verde Islands, that is why this part of the season has garnered that moniker. Another area of disturbed weather has rolled off the African continent and has captured the attention of the National Hurricane Center.

The current speculation from the Hurricane Center and most reliable tropical forecast models is the area of disturbed weather could strengthen. It won't be a rapid intensification but very slowly over the next several days if at all. Some of the tropical forecasters do not think this system will develop at all and will simply move across the ocean as on open tropical wave.

If this system does develop into a named storm it would be called Cristobal. That would make it the third named system of the 2014 season. This is putting the cart way ahead of the horse though, the probability of this system gaining strength and earning a name is only listed at 30% or less by forecasters.