A break in a waterline in the City of Abbeville let many residents without water service for a short time yesterday. That break was quickly repaired after just a few hours and as of 7 pm, the water was back on for the affected area.

As noted in the social media update from the City of Abbeville water service was restored but there is now a boil advisory issued for residents of Sucre Circle in Abbeville.

That boil advisory will likely be in place for much of today as the City of Abbeville awaits verification from the Louisiana Department of Health that the water supply has been deemed safe. It's actually a standard procedure after any major interruption in water service, so don't be alarmed.

Officials recommend that you bring water that you intend to use for personal consumption, whether drinking, cooking, making coffee, or any other uses along those lines to a full boil for at least one minute. Naturally, you'll want the temperature to cool down before you drink it.


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