I don't know the facts about global warming. I don't know whether it's an imminent threat to our way of life. I don't know if it's just nature going through a cycle. I do know that if the world's ice caps were to melt and all the glaciers around the planet were to return to liquid form instead of frozen ice our landscape would be different a lot different.

In a world, with no ice caps, you'd need a scuba tank and flippers to visit the lost cities of New Orleans and Houston. You would be able to purchase seaside property in Alexandria Louisiana or possibly Monroe. That's how far the ocean's waters would intrude over what we now know as dry land.

Miami Florida would be just a memory as would Venice Italy. Bejing China would become a coastal community. The arid regions of the Australian Outback would become more oasis like as a huge lake would form in the middle of the country.

Of course, the video animation you see from Business Insider is merely speculation. There doesn't appear to be a giant melting of the ice caps planned for this week. That being said, maybe we should look into planning for that eventuality if the global temperature concerns are proven to be fact. Otherwise, we can just sit back, and wait a few million years for the next ice age.
After all, nature will do what nature is going to do despite our wishes and wants.

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