We love lists. If there are more than three things we want to consider on a given subject then we will By God make a list because ranking things seems to be our birthright. College football is well known for its lists some people call them polls but they are just glorified lists.

The website Athlon Sports and LIfe has compiled their list and rankings of all 130 of college football's FBS head coaches. You already know who the #1 coach is right? Don't torture yourself to read one more article about that guy. Instead let's look at the coaches in our own backyard, namely Ed Orgeron for LSU and Billy Napier at U.L.

Coach Napier is ranked as the 115th coach in FBS football by Athlon Sports and Life. Here's some of what they had to say him.

Napier was considered one of college football’s rising stars in the coordinator ranks last season and should be a good fit with the Ragin’ Cajuns.

The article speculates that despite a lack of head coaching experience Coach Napier's pedigree with topped ranked coaches, including the one that is ranked number on this list, will pay off big for the Cajun football program.

LSU Coach Ed Orgeron is ranked as the 81st coach on this list. Here's a small part of what the Athlon Sports and Life authors had to say about Coach O.

With a tough schedule and a lot of turnover on offense, the 2018 season is critical for Orgeron as he looks to move the program forward and return to the top of the SEC West

A lot of the pundits believe that if Coach O is going to last at LSU he will need to find a quarterback and that will need to happen sooner than later for the Orgeron era to continue.

If you break the list down by conference then Coach Orgeron is slated as the tenth best coach in the Southeastern Conference, there are only 14 teams so that's not exactly a ringing endorsement.

In the Sunbelt, Coach Napier is ranked as the 8th best coach. The head man at Appalachian State, Scott Satterfield is the most highly regarded.

Of course, come January of next year no one will remember anything but wins and losses and bowl bids. If either Coach O or Coach Napier has a lot more under the "W" column and has a date for postseason play, then where they started the season on this list won't mean that much at all.



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