Chances are you are becoming painfully aware that Louisiana is heading down a path muddier than a canefield after a tropical storm. It's the political season and that means if mud hasn't been flung in a race your following, it will be soon.

The first step toward a proper political confrontation is underway right now. That step would be qualifying. It's currently underway across the state and prospective candidates will have until tomorrow (Thursday) at 4:30 pm to submit the proper paperwork to get on the ballot for the October 12th election.

With the number of races and the number faces seeking to win those races you almost need a scorecard. Fortunately, the Louisiana Secretary of State's office has just what you need.

This site allows you to select the race or races you're interested in following.

You can even narrow the field down to specific parish or municipal races. So, if you want to know who has qualified for the Governor's race and who has qualified to represent your neighborhood locally you can do that.

Meanwhile, I am predicting a rather muddy political season across the state. It always gets good and goopy when we choose a Governor. Meanwhile in Lafayette Parish changes to the city and parish council positions will probably add fuel to the political fire.

Just make sure you know before you go. That means reading up on the candidates and their platforms and understanding the issues that are important to you. The most dangerous enemy of our democracy is an uninformed voter.

So, be the person politicians hate, be an informed voter and vote with confidence for the people and policies that will shape Louisiana and our community the way that you want it to look.

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