Your brain and your eyes are supposed to work together to give you an accurate picture of the world around you. Sometimes what the eyes see and what the brain processes become two very different images. These would be optical illusions.


Optical illusions are interesting to look at. Sometimes I stare at them for hours and never see the other image contained in the illusion. Other times I spy the two images simultaneously.



Here is the full picture of the famous person. As you sit at your monitor or look at your smartphone you probably see Albert Einstein. Now hold the picture away from you or step back from your monitor do you see a different celebrity?

Celebrity 2

When I step back from the picture I swear it looks like Marylin Monroe! I know it has to do with the lighting and the shadows but what if pictures like this actually mean more? Do you think Marylin and Albert were actually the same person living in two different bodies? If you do, then you are stranger than me. I just think it is a coincidence.

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