For some, Valentine's Day is a mushy holiday. For one Lafayette wife, it's all about finding ways to embarrass her husband.

Liz and Aaron Hebert don't really do the whole traditional Valentine's Day thing, so instead of the flowers, candy or stuffed animals, Liz decided she would celebrate their love in a different way.

Aaron hates attention and we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, so I started finding ways to embarrass him every year. Last year, I had a quartet go to his office and sing "You are my Sunshine"

This year, Liz topped the quartet and took their Valentine's Day tradition public with a massive billboard professing the love she had for her "dearest" Aaron at the corner of Kaliste Saloom and Ambassador Caffery—one of the busiest intersections in Lafayette!


Best of all, she caught his reaction in the video above and it was great.

Her mission to embarrass Aaron was a success, and in the end he ended up loving her more for it. Well, actually, his exact words were "I love you too, you're the worst," which is pretty much exactly what Liz was looking for.

He is such a good sport and he ends up loving it. It puts a smile on our face and makes us laugh all day and that is what Valentine's Day is all about.

Do you and your boo have any non-traditional celebrations like this one? If so, drop us a comment below!