We could use a few days to drain. Even though the record setting rains a good portion of the state received happened over a week ago flooding is still a major issue. While conditions have improved across some  parts of the state, a weather forecast with more rain in the affected areas has people very concerned.

State Climatologist Barry Keim says the projected rainfall from this current system shouldn't really have much of an effect on the river basin flooding. He did suggest that flash flooding would be more of a concern. The though being that a brief period of heavy rain might have difficulty draining into swollen creeks and coulees.

We have potential for one to two inches of rain, especially across southeastern Louisiana and of course if you get those two inches in a very short period of time it can create some problems. Of course we can get some isolated areas with even more.

Currently a stationary front is draped across the southern part of the state. This front will provide enough instability in the atmosphere to create a decent threat of rain from Shreveport to Lake Charles to Lafayette and New Orleans. That front is expected to be a player in Louisiana's forecast at least through Sunday.

The state is going to start to clear up Saturday night into Sunday morning and then we’re going to have much colder air headed our way, might even see some temperatures down in the 30s north of the I-10 and I-12 corridor and 40s in the coastal parishes.

Keim's remarks were included in a story originally published by the Louisiana Radio Network. 


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