It appeared to be just another Big Easy hook up. A gentleman looking for female companionship found a willing participant in the form of woman who identified herself to him as "Ashley". They spent the evening enjoying cocktails, many cocktails, in the French Quarter.

As Saturday night turned into early Sunday morning the 47-year-old gentleman invited Ashley back to his Pontchartrain Place Apartment for another cocktail. Soon after that cocktail the 47-year-old gentleman became tired and fell asleep. When he awoke, "Ashley" was gone. So was a Rolex Watch, a gold nugget ring, a gold bracelet, and $1800 in cash.

Police have identified "Ashley" as Jodi Lynn Parker whose last known address was 3964 Pauger Street in New Orleans.  Police are asking anyone who might know the whereabouts of Parker to contact them at (504)-822-1111.