We're feeling nostalgic today, and talking with my co workers around the office, we were thinking about some of the places that were part of our childhood, and are no longer here.

In Lafayette, I really miss Bonus Burger at the corner of Pinhook and South College, Judge Roy Beans, located where Cafe Vermilionville is now, the old McNaspy Stadium at U(S)L, and honestly, the old Boudin Festival at Arceneaux Park in Broussard the weekend before Mardi Gras was pretty awesome.

Only In Louisiana has reminded me of some more long gone places around our beautiful state, and you can check out the list of things you can't do here anymore below. And feel free to add in some of your favorites that you miss.


  • Sip a margarita at Serrano's in Baton Rouge
  • Visit Twin City Mall in Monroe
  • Ride the 'Wild Mouse' at Fun Fair Park in Baton Rouge
  • Eat the awesome Chinese Food at Nanking in Shreveport
  • Shop at Delchamps across the state, especially in Lafayette and New Orleans
  • Visit the Wax Museum in the French Quarter
  • Check out the vinyl (actual records!) at Stan's Record Shop in Shreveport
  • Taking the tour at Le Beau Plantation in Arabie
  • Heading to Holly Beach - still there, but drastically changed
  • Running into your local K&B Drugstore for all the essentials
  • Visit your local Maison Blanche, especially at Christmas when you could see Mr Bingle
  • Get a bite, and some great BBQ sauce at the Pig Stand in Ville Platte
  • Get your boudin and cracklin fix at Don's Specialty Meats in Carencro
  • Visit Sears at Acadiana Mall - gone forever
  • K Mart, The Real Superstore and Safeway grocery stores have all shuttered their doors

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