The Baton Rouge Zoo is closed temporarily due to a construction issue.

The zoo made the announcement Thursday on its Facebook page and website.

While it's unclear when the zoo will reopen, we do know that major renovations are happening at the longtime Baton Rouge institution.

According to its website, the zoo will begin "Phase 1 of the Master Plans for Reinvention." They're also reminding guests that some areas of the zoo will be loud and temporarily inaccessible.

The zoo says that some of its animals may be off exhibit for some time as well. "But, don't fret...we love the animals behind the scenes just as much!" they added.

While BREC's Baton Rouge Zoo has been a favorite of many families over the years, it is over 50 years old, so it's probably time for some refurbishment.

To stay up to speed in regards to when the Baton Rouge Zoo will be reopening and follow the renovation progress, keep checking its website and social media.

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