How many times a week do you shower? If you said seven times, you'd be just like Jude Walker. (But who really wants to be as weird as me.)

If you're like most Americans, you don't actually shower every day.

"Time" magazine recently did a poll and the results were a bit surprising to me. Only 53% of respondents said they shower at least five times a week. 25% said three or four times, 15% said twice and 8% said they shower only once a week.

Now that may seem a bit gross but the experts say that's really not as bad as it sounds.

According to an infectious disease expert at Columbia University, showering more than twice a week doesn't really help as far as hygiene goes. In fact, it actually might be a bad thing as it tends to dry you out and makes you more prone to skin infections.

With that said, there are reasons where you would want to take more showers, like after you hit the gym, after you work outside in south Louisiana virtually any time of the year or if you just plain stink!

If you insist on being a "clean freak" and have to shower every day like Jude Walker, then apparently the experts say you shouldn't scrub your whole body with a loofa, just focus on your armpits and below-the-belt areas.

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