It's not the danger and it's not the money.

You would think one of those two would top the list when it comes to the most stressful things about your home flooding, but one Youngsville mother took to Facebook and revealed what gives her the most anxiety when she sees the waters begin to rise.

Jessica St. Martin watched as those waters began to creep closer to her Highland Ridge home after Barry dropped a substantial amount of rain over the Youngsville neighborhood. Immediately, she flashed back to 2016 (the last time they took on water) and made a decision to take the kids and retreat to a family member's home in Lafayette while they still could.

While the water did get very close to Jessica's home, they were lucky enough to not take on water—but in somewhat of an open letter on Facebook, she revealed that it wasn't her material possessions or even the inconvenience of flooding that gave her the most stress.


Any mother or father can relate to this, as all parents aim to provide that stability as well as the "safe, comfortable space" that she described.

Of course, it's easy to suggest that they pack up or move away or just suck it up and accept that this is just a part of living in Youngsville or South Louisiana—but something tells me a lot of parents also feel this way when it comes to their children and its good to know they're not alone.

To all those parents: You're doing your best. The comments on Jessica's status update echoed that sentiment. Mandi Babineaux had this heartfelt response.

You are a super mom. The way you love them and achieve your dreams and overcome obstacles is what will be imprinted on them I promise you. My kids don’t remember the scary stuff being bad. They remember us getting through it together.

Mandi is spot on—and while you and your kids may go through storms in life, they'll also be watching how you pick up the pieces and continue moving forward, and that's what's important.

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