Your hairstylist is an important part of your life. They can either make you look fabulous, or ruin your day, week, year. So, my philosophy has always been, be very, very nice to them while you explaining what you want.

Fashionbeans has an excellent guide on what not to do when you make it to that appointment at the hair salon.. Pretty good advice, if you ask me! Here are some of my favorites below, but be sure to check out the whole list

  • Don't arrive with no clue about what you want. They are not mind readers
  • Moving around during a cut. This is a good way to get hurt by the scissors, or get chopped a little. Yikes. Sit still!
  • Having unrealistic expectations - no matter how hard you try, you are probably never going to have hair like Beyoncé or Nicole Kidman. Find something that is all you
  • Showing up late for your appointment. Stylists are on a schedule, just like the rest of us. You can seriously mess everyone up by being rude, and showing up after your designated appointment.
  • Acting like you didn't try an at home repair/cut/treatment . We've all done this, and they always know. Just be honest about your efforts
  • Not Tipping. Come on, even though it might not be expected, it's certainly an acceptable show of gratitude for someone spending two hours on making you look fabulous.
  • Letting the stylist continue with something you hate. Being afraid to speak up because you don't want to hurt their feelings is not cool at all. It's YOUR hair, and they want to do what's best for you



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