There are about four weeks of every year that really qualify as nice in Acadiana. While you and I make adjustments to a little bit of heat, a little humidity or maybe an unexpected cold breeze, these weeks don't need any tweaking. They are perfect just the way they are. According to our meteorologist friends at KATC TV 3 we are about to have one of those weeks.

Daniel Phillips who is in for Dave Baker this morning has a forecast that would make the Chamber of Commerce green with envy. The morning low temperatures are just cool enough for a light jacket. The midday temperatures are perfect for a picnic lunch in the park or in the car. The evening temperatures are just right for an after supper walk or for escorting the kids to whatever extra curricular activity they might have planned.

The downside to this splendid spate of weather is the lack of moisture. There is no rainfall forecast for the next 8 days. That means all those Mums you planted will be rather thirsty. We are past the September 30th deadline for watering restrictions so you can let the sprinklers go early and often if you choose. However, on a day like today or any of the next 8 days, why wouldn't you want to just stand outside with the hose and drink in the day while your plants get a drink of water.