freezing temperatures

Lafayette Weather – Waiting For The Warm Up
Temperatures are expected to slowly rise above the freezing mark in Acadiana around lunchtime today. It might be a good idea not to park your car under power lines or tree branches as melting and falling ice could be a problem later today.
Lafayette Weather – When Will It Warm Up?
Look for a gradual return to normalcy later this morning and into the afternoon. Temperatures are expected to be well above freezing by midday. Authorities will begin to reopen bridges and overpasses as soon as they are deemed to be safe for travel. As of 6am Saturday morning, all that was closed, r…
The Cold Weather Killed My Plants – What Do I Do Now?
The cold weather will eventually be moving out of the area leaving a lot of brown plants in flowerbeds and gardens across Acadiana. Here are somethings you can do to minimize the damage and speed the recovery of your lawn and landscape after the cold has been replaced with more seasonal temperatures…

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