Is The Flu Shot An Option For You? Find Out The Pros & Cons
I'm sure you have already heard that the flu is in full swing- attacking the immune system and knocking people down for about a week. That is not how you want to spend Mardi Gras.
Many people wait to get a flu shot because they are skeptical when it comes to vaccinations and certain medications.…
The Warning Signs of Strep Throat You May Not be Aware Of
It is the prime time here in South Louisiana for everyone to be sick. As soon as one person in the family or office catches a cold, so do the rest of us. Many of us just give it up to the common cold or a sinus infection. What you may not know is that it could be something a little worse.
A Few Tips to Sleeping Better with a Cold
If you hate colds and you know it clap your hands! Ok, yes we all do. During this time of year, it is all too common to catch a cold. Unfortunately, they not only make you feel terrible, they keep you from getting a good nights sleep. If you are like me, you find yourself sleeping with your mouth wi…
Sinuses Go Away
I can always tell the season is changing, why?  Because I get sick, and I start to move like a tortoise.  But being a college student, mommy isn't there to make sure I take my medicine or take me to the what do I do, just take some advil and Zyrtec.  What's your b…
You Sick, Or Not?
So do you really have the flu, or are you just ready for the holidays? Dr. Brad says both are quite possible...No but really here are some symptoms to know if your kids, husband, or yourself are faking sick or really are sick!