As a kid of the 1980s, I watched a lot of television. So when I saw that Rolling Stone asked their readers to give their favorite TV shows of that decade, my interest was peaked.

The results of their poll are as follows:

  1. "Cheers", 1982-1993
  2. "Miami Vice", 1984-1990
  3. "Hill Street Blues", 1981-1987
  4. "Married With Children", 1987-1997
  5. "The Wonder Years", 1988-1993
  6. "Alf", 1986-1990
  7. "The A-Team", 1983-1987
  8. "Family Ties", 1982-1989
  9. "Moonlighting", 1985-1989
  10. "Night Court", 1984-1992

Alright, let's have your favorite TV show of the 80s.

Personally, I was a big fan of Night Court. Mostly because of Markie Post. (Yep, there are like two 42 year old guys who know who I'm talking about and agree 1000%.)

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