It's that time of year again, the time where parents' lives change as their children's schedule changes. We're really not sure who looks forward to summer more, the kids or the parents who have to 'adult' all year long. What we do know is that now that school is out, there are quite a few things that parents will enjoy doing (or in many cases not doing) for the next few months. We asked area parents what they were feeling as the end of school approached and got some hilarious (and relatable) responses. If you've got kids, no matter where you live, these may ring true for you as well.

  • Chris Amaral

    Not Having To Wake Up Kids Ever Again

    ...until Fall
  • Maxim Zarya

    No More Surprise Trips To School For Forgotten Items

    Lunches, Projects, Jackets, ID, etc
  • Charles Mann

    No More Mid-day Check-outs for Sick Kids

    Are you throwing up? Have a fever?
  • spaxiax

    No More Evening Trips To CVS/Walgreens For Project Items

    How long have you had these instructions?
  • Philip Lange

    Summer = No School Fees

    It's like getting a raise for two months
  • thinkstock

    Won't Hear 'I Can't Find My Uniform' Until August

    Didn't we buy you more than one?
  • Maciej Korzekwa

    Parking Lot Demolition Derby Picking Up Kids

    I swear I thought I saw Mad Max in the next lane...
  • KatarzynaBialasiewicz

    No More School Zones

    and no motorcycle cops behind bushes
  • Alexander Milanese

    Able To Get To Work Quicker

    (result of #8)

    Not Logging Into Parent Portal With Beer in Hand

    Why does it feel it's your grades?