Most women will agree that men have a tendency to say some stupid things. That's a given. It's when guys make dumb comments to women that really kick things into high gear.

A new poll has revealed some of the worst things women have heard from men. Here are the "Top 10 Worst Things To Say To a Woman" (percentage of women that said this is the worst thing a man could say to them is in parenthesis):

  1. Asking "When's the baby due?"...when she's not pregnant  (26%)
  2. Answering "Yes" when she asks if her butt looks big  (17%)
  3. "You look tired"  (13%)
  4. "Calm down"  (12%)
  5. "Do you need help parking?"  (11%)
  6. "You look more like your mother every day"  (8%)
  7. "I told you so"  (5%)
  8. "How much did you pay for that hairdo?"  (4%)
  9. "Should you be eating that?"  (3%)
  10. "Don't you have some vacuuming to do?"  (1%)

Good job fellas, we are officially idiots!

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