By this point, one would think that every diet tip known to man, well, is known to man. But somehow new tricks to losing weight keep getting churned out.

From, here are three new weight loss tricks that we've never really heard of before:

  1. Serve dinner from the stove. Do this as opposed to putting food in dishes and serving it at the table. According to an expert at Cornell University, you will eat about 10% less. (And then you'll have a lot let dishes to do!)
  2. When you feel like having a snack, distract yourself for 10 minutes. On average, that's how long it takes for a craving to pass. So go watch some TV, jump on Facebook, just do something for that long to get your mind off of food.
  3. Clench your fists. Studies have shown that if you do this for 30 seconds, it can give you more will power to control know, like the strength to not go after that third link of boudin.

So there you go, we're not even putting you on some yo-yo diet, just a few mind-over-matter tricks!