Taking relationship advice from a disc jockey might be considered about as safe as buying the truth from a politician. What do I know about dating that you might not? I know about people. While I am not very good once the relationship gets past hanging out together, this article is about getting  you to that point. What happens afterward is all on you.

It's pretty obvious that physical attractiveness is a great ice breaker when it comes to getting the attention of the opposite sex. However, may woman choose look way beyond physical attributes when getting to know a man. Women want to be the pretty one in the relationship. So fellows if you spend more time on your  hair than she does you're not going to see a lasting relationship.

What about those of us that are of average size and posses the looks of the average guy? How can we capture the attention of a girl we'd like to get to know? It comes down to personality and inclusion. Women are creatures of  inclusion. They enjoy being a part of the group. They want to be where the in crowd happens to be.

How can an average guy suggest in three words that he not only knows where the party is but wants to make sure that she is included? Are you ready for the secret? Here are the three words you've been waiting for.  There she is!

Why does this work? The first thing it does is suggest familiarity. If you're saying "There She Is!"  that suggests that you are already in her circle of friends. She is automatically more comfortable with the idea of talking to you.

The next thing you'll want to do is indicate where the party or the in crowd is going to be and that she just has to be there. "There she is! I was wondering if you were going to make it, we're going dancing tonight". Now, you've indicated familiarity, confidence, the party aspect, and inclusion. That should at least give you a good reason to talk to her.

One thing that most men lack around women is confidence. One thing that women find extremely attractive in a man is confidence. Ladies also love a guy that has a plan and if you throw in a good sense of humor and great manners she will more than give you the time of day.

Like I said my job is just to help you put a little air in the tires. It's up to  you actually ride the bicycle. Good luck! Remember, There She Is ! Simple, elegant, and foolproof it's how I met my wife of 28  years.

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