For that Special guy in your life, whether he's your father, son, brother, boyfriend, broski, whatever!

Here are a few gift ideas if you are finding it a bit hard to come up with some ideas for him.

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    Personalized Pub Glasses

    You and I both know that the man in your life loves a nice, tall, cold one when he gets home from work. Why not give him something that makes him feel like a very important individual.

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    Brew-it Yourself Kit!

    The beer lover (man) in your life, I'm sure would appreciate a nice set in order to brew his own beer.

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    Personalized Bottle Opener

    I know that the amount of root beer (cough cough) that he drinks is getting ridiculous and he's always making you bring him a bottle opener, out of the kitchen drawer. Well, why not give him this with his own name on it to hang up in his "man cave"?

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    Whiskey Lovers Set

    This doesn't only have to be for whiskey. You could use any type of drink and not have to worry about it getting "watered down". Just stick these bad boys in the freezer and you're ready to go in a short amount of time! The soapstone cubes hold temperature really well and you won't have to worry about diluting his drink, so that he can achieve maximum pleasure!

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    Personalized Golf Club Links

    We both know, that the one thing the man in your life loves more than a cold drink, is his sports. Let's face it folks, chances are he's not the next John Elway or Drew Brees. Although being the next Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson is a better possibility! Help him improve his golf game with these links that he can put in the end of his clubs. Not only do they claim the clubs as "his" but they also make him look more the important golfer!