That's a pretty bold statement to make isn't it? The secret to understanding the mood of a woman? It's like saying the secret to understanding what your cat is thinking. While this method is not totally fool proof it does make some common sense if you pay attention. The problem is that most men don't have a lot of common sense and we don't pay a lot of attention.

Here's what we found out by perusing an article in The Daily Mail. Your lady is likely to be in a good mood if she is:

1. Wearing a Hat: I don't mean a ball cap while she is covered in paint or the blood of her former partner. I am talking about a pretty hat. A hat that matches her purse and her shoes. Hats are worn by people seeking attention. If she wants attention that means she is feeling pretty. If she's feeling pretty then chances are she will be in a favorable mood.

2. Dresses: This again appeals to the "girly" side of the female persona. Anybody can wear pants. Men, women, even horses and elephants if you know where to look on the internet. Dresses are the unique domain of women and men from Scotland. So if you're not in Scotland and she is wearing a dress she is feeling feminine. That's usually a sign of a positive mood.

3. Bright Colors: This takes us back to the seeking attention. If she wants you to notice her that means she is feeling her best about her appearance. Appearances are important to many ladies. That's why they always ask you to go change your clothes before going out with them. Look for the bright colors and you will find a lady ready to accept your compliments.

4 Form Fitting Clothes: Does her outfit conform to her lovely curves? If it does then she isn't feeling fat. Every woman feels fat at least sometimes during the month. You picked up on what I meant by that right? A lady wants to be proud of her body and society makes it hard for her to do that. When she is showing off her feminine physique she'd appreciate you noticing. When you do notice then she is in an even better mood.

5. She's Got On Her Favorite Shoes: As a man you're wondering "how the hell do I know what shoes are her favorites? She only has a thousand pair!" That's where the paying attention part comes in. You will find when she is in happy places or in a good mood she usually has the same footwear on. They are stylish and comfortable. That's usually two attributes women's footwear never has at the same time. So when you see it, notice it.


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