I recently read an article on WebMd about all of the unhealthy, fattening foods Americans absolutely love. Yes, I also enjoy eating 90% of the foods which were on the list, but I can live without them, especially after reading what they can do to my waistline and thighs. However, some people take their unhealthy, eating habits a little too far. A bacontini... seriously, people? We really have got to cut these foods out of our daily diets. I have a satisfying and healthy alternative for every greasy, saturated fatty, and bugling-belly meal.

Ice Cream-  A half cup of regular vanilla ice cream with no toppings is already 230 calories. Opt for a slow-churned ice cream or frozen yogurt (100 calories per half cup).
Potato Chips- There is no way you can only eat one, two, or even eight chips. You know once you open that bag your going to eat about five handfuls. I don't even want to know how many calories that "little snack" is. Pop open a bag of fat-free popcorn instead.
Fatty, Red Meat- One of my favorite red meats is prime rib, and I was quite upset to see how many calories prime rib racks up on. I guess we will keep the prime rib for special occasions such as Christmas. There's still delicious, lean replacements: sirloin, tenderloin and flank steaks. Your portion of meat should be the size of your fist... not your plate.
Cheesy, Meaty Pizza- Yes.. as good as it sounds, it ain't good for ya! You know this is just a pile of grease on crust. Make your pizza healthier by topping it off with delicious, crunchy veggies on a whole-wheat crust.
Double Cheeseburgers- I suggest you skip breakfast, lunch and snack-time if you plan one having a double cheeseburger for dinner. Make things easier on yourself and your waistline and have a turkey burger on a whole wheat bun. I usually always order or cook a turkey burger because it so much healthier and tastes almost exactly the same. If you have to have your ground beef, go with lean.
Buffets... All-you-can-eat- All I can tell you is just stay away from these.
Donuts- As yummy as they are, they are not good for you by any means. If you work out regularly then ok, you may have just ONE once in a blue moon. Make extra time for breakfast in the morning and eat something substantial like whole wheat toast, fresh fruit or an omelet with veggies.
Sodas- I honestly believe sodas are addicting. My roommate has to have her Diet Dr Pepper every day, and just because it's diet does not make it the least bit healthy. I use to enjoy my daily Coca-Colas, but I learned that the more I would replace my soda urge with a glass of iced water, it would help keep me from eating while I'm bored. Some people think they are hungry when actually your body only needs an 8 ounce glass of water.

We all need to start eating healthier. It will pay off in the long run. If your feeling hungry and need a snack, go for a handful of almonds or a cup of yogurt or fresh fruit. As for the bacontini, just stick with a regular martini, y'all. Good luck!