Think about one pound of your favorite Louisiana seafood. Did you think of fish? Oysters? Shrimp? Did you think of all of them? The good news is this. Across America data released by NOAA shows that Americans enjoyed a pound more seafood in 2015 than they did in 2104.

This could be amazing news for Louisiana's Seafood industry. If seafood producers and our state's marketing and tourism boards can spread the word about how amazing our seafood is. The study did show whether the seafood that was being consumed was domestic or foreign. Obviously, we want consumers to support Louisiana producers.

Executive Director of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board, Karen Profita, explained to the Louisiana Radio Network that there is another great reason besides flavor to eat Louisiana Seafood.

We’re just hoping that as they’re consuming more seafood, they’re also looking to make sure they’re eating domestic because that is the healthier choice for them

Unfortunately, seafood consumers across the nation are not as savvy as Louisiana seafood buyers. Many consumers simply shop price and are not aware of the difference in quality.

When you’re lucky enough to have the kind of estuaries we do you get terrific flavor, and then you also have the safety of that wild product that’s just a lot better for you than what’s being farm-raised overseas.

For those of us who enjoy Gulf Shrimp, we do have a bit of bad news to pass along. There do appear to be fewer shrimp available to consumers. The reason for the reduction in quantity is not known at this time. That might lead to some frustration in the marketplace.



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