The results of the November 4th election clearly showed that Mary Landrieu no longer has the support in the state she once had. Throughout the campaign to retain her seat in the United States Senate Landrieu has touted herself as a strong voice for Louisiana in Washington. I guess now is as good a time as any to lay the cards on the table and prove to the people you still have stroke.

The Keystone XL Pipeline has been a big political hot button for those of us that live in America's energy belt. This pipeline would run from Canada through the middle of the country and down to the Gulf Coast. Some see the Keystone XL pipeline as a key piece in the energy production puzzle. Others see it as a major threat to the environment. The project has been in political limbo for the past six years and now suddenly it appears as though congress may be ready to vote on it.

Is it coincidence that a sitting U.S. Senator in bubbling hot political water suddenly got the support needed to bring the Keystone XL Pipeline to a vote in the still Democratically controlled Senate? Is it coincidence that Landrieu's opponent Congressman Bill Cassidy is the name on legislation in the United States House of Representatives that will bring that same pipeline to a vote in that body? If you think that it's coincidence then please don't vote because you are stupid. This is pipeline politics pure and simple.

Here is how this will be played out. Landrieu will claim she used her Senate "superpowers" to help Louisiana. Cassidy will say it took the threat of Landrieu losing to motivate her to actually do something for the state. You and I will get to sit back and enjoy the site of some of the most egregious  self congratulations since Kanye West was born.

Many political observers think that Landrieu needs the Keystone XL pipeline vote more than Cassidy does. I guess we will find out soon enough whether or not the voters of Louisiana see this for what it is or actually believe the political fabrications that are about to be spewed in our general direction.  I just hope Ms Landrieu and Mr. Cassidy don't injure their arms patting themselves on the back.