What is it about this movie Magic Mike that has all the women I know acting as if they have just been handed a winning Powerball ticket and been locked in a DSW shoe store that is having a clearance sale? Believe it or not there is something more than just the outward appearance of pure physical attraction. Don't get me wrong, I have yet to meet a lady who was disappointed in the visual images portrayed on the screen. While I do think the ladies love looking at a fine physical specimen just as much as we men do, based on my conversations with my girls, it goes a lot deeper than that.

Men like certain physical attributes on a woman. Our problem is we usually stop right there. The male of the species usually stops at skin deep or cleavage, at least for a while, then we eventually get around to discovering the beauty and charm that lies within.

Women, while they appreciate a muscled up hunk, are looking for something different. Have you ever wondered why so many of the male dancers begin their act dressed as firemen, policemen, disc jockeys, and other over exaggerated masculine role models? It is part of the female fantasy to feel protected. She might be a captain of industry, a president of a multimillion dollar corporation or a United States Marine but still inside she is a woman. I think it's all in the DNA hard wiring of the species.

So what is it about male dancers that ladies really love? The fact is ladies love dancing. Just look at the ratings that Dancing with the Stars gets. It's not the huge celebrity names that are drawing the crowds, it's the dancing. One friend of mine described it like this, "watching a man move on the dance floor gives you a good idea how he moves in other places". I am guessing she wasn't talking about how he moved in line at the Taco Bell but maybe a more intimate setting.

Ladies like to be naughty too! Guys why is it okay for us to drool and make animal grunting noises at Carrie Underwood but it is  unacceptable for a lady to admire Matthew McConaughey? This is a land of equal opportunity isn't it? Even the most self respecting mother of two deserves her time to be wild and carefree. While some women won't go for slipping a dollar in thong next to an oiled muscled up thigh, many women do find the air of danger in a safe and protected environment very exciting.

So  what does it take to really turn a woman on? Is it the ability to crack walnuts with your buttocks? Is it broad shoulders in a uniform? Or is it something else? While the first two, the buttocks and the shoulders don't hurt, I believe the  something else is patience.

The great relationship guru and modern philosopher Jeff Foxworthy once noted.

"Women are like diesel engines. And what I mean by that is, it may take awhile to get 'em warmed up. But once you do, they can run a LONG, LONG time!! Whereas men, on the other hand... Men are more like... bottle rockets. [pffssshh!] [boom!] Ooo... ahh... [Zzzzzz].

Men tend to view relationships the same way we view driving a car, let's get to where we are supposed to go as fast as we can. I think a lady loves the scenic route. Women can shop in a store for hours, looking and dreaming and hoping and never buying anything. A man can find no reason to go into a store unless he needs and intends to buy something.

What I am saying is this, if your lady went to go see Magic Mike this weekend and she came back with a smile on her face that's a good thing. She came back to YOU. Because somewhere deep inside you make her feel protected, sexy, naughty ,special and loved all at the same time. If you haven't made her feel that way in the last 24 hours it's time to make that happen. You don't want Magic Mike to be the one waving his wand and creating the magic that belongs to the both of you.

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