Breaux Bridge man Justin Prejean went to the E.R last week for what he thought was a heat stroke. That's when things quickly took a turn in a serious direction he never saw coming.

As his sister, Amanda Prejean explains on the GoFundMe page she set up, last week Justin went to the hospital after suffering from what he thought was heat exhaustion.

While there, Justin suffered a "major heart attack and was admitted to the ICU with various issues."

According to Amanda, doctors discovered Justin's coronary artery was 100% blocked.

After removing the blockage and placing stints in Justin's artery, doctors then had to give him a pacemaker to keep his heart beat regulated.

As if that wasn't enough, Justin was then diagnosed with diabetes.

The good news is that Just is actually home now and is beginning his road to recovery.

From -

As of now his is out of work and at this point with everyday being something different we are not sure when he will return. I am making this fund raiser to try and get one less thing off his plate to worry about.


When he is discharged his wife will need to take off of work and care for him. And her job doesn't offer paid leave. He also does not have insurance. Every medication will be out of pocket.


So please if you have it in your heart to help it would be greatly appreciated. And if not, if you could please share and pray for him for healing and strength...


Being that Justin doesn't currently have health insurance, obviously the medical bills and care costs are mounting, which is why his family is asking for help.

If you'd like to lend a hand, you can make a donation through the GoFundMe page HERE.

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