I like avocados. However, the line between liking and not liking avocados is not a blurred one. You either really like them and the tasty guacamole they produce or you think eating avocados are very similar to munching on grass. If you like eating avocados then you know the toughest thing about them is choosing ones that are ripe and ready to eat.

Super Bowl Sunday or big game Sunday if you're a lawyer for the NFL ,is the day that more avocados are consumed than any other. I guess the chances are high that you will see guacamole at your football party.  But as the maker of the mash, how do you know if your avocado is ripe?

There are a couple of tricks you can use to determine the ripeness of an avocado. The easiest way to determine ripeness is to simply look at the avocado. The skin should be dark. It shouldn't be bright green.

The other easy method for determining ripeness, the one that most people know, is the squeeze test. Just pick up the avocado and give it a gentle squeeze and the avocado should give just a little.

The trick I find to be most useful is the stem test. Hold the avocado around the bigger end. Locate the stem at the smaller end of the avocado. There is usually a small portion of stem left on the avocado. Remove that stem and look at what you see underneath. If the area under the removed stem is green, the avocado is ripe. If it's brown the avocado might need another day or so to get perfect.