Chef Jill McCoy and I talk a lot about cooking and food when we chat. I am always complaining about not having enough time to prepare the kind of foods I want to prepare and she is always proving me wrong. Our discussion of a culinary kind this week turned to breakfast. As a guy that wakes up at 1 AM to come to work every day, I am not too familiar with breakfast. I'd like to be.

I posed the question for Chef Jill what is something easy, tasty, and quick that I could make early in the morning with minimal fuss and mess. What she returned to the table is something that I bet everyone of you could make while the coffee is still dripping.

Jill didn't name the dish  avocado toast bites, I did. That's what they are. This recipe is pure genius. It's a simple toasted English muffin. Because Chef Jill is concerned about your health and keeping your colon happy she suggests a whole wheat muffin.

All you have to do after that is slice an avocado fairly thin. Layer the slivers of that gooey green goodness on your toasted muffin and then hit with a shot or two of  hot sauce. Jill also adds pepper flakes but I don't like the top of my head to be wet with sweat before I even leave the house.

You wouldn't think something so simple could be so good. If you don't like hot sauce try a dash of salsa and if  you're really going crazy and have extra time a fried or poached egg would make this almost gourmet.

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