If you had to pick a day to go without power, yesterday might have been just about as good a day to be electricity-free as there could be. The weather was cool, the sound of the rain was relaxing, and with it being the first day after New Year's Day, it would have been pretty easy for me to become a poster child for slackers the world over.

I am sure some residents of the City of Kaplan don't share my romanticized view of life without electricity because they had to live that dream in real life yesterday.

Those photos and comments are from Kaplan Mayor Mike Kloesel's Facebook Page.

It turns out the culprit in the several hours' long outage was a blown transformer. As you can see utility crews were quick to respond, even in the inclement weather, to get the repairs made. It was only a few hours later that Kaplan residents saw this message fly by on the social media feeds.

From what we understand the new transformer was brought online late yesterday and the power was turned back on for most of the city. Thanks for the great repair job to all of those who helped restore power to the people.

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