A Comeaux High graduate has been reunited with his class ring after losing it 31 years ago.

Colbie Romero says he was part of a construction crew that was digging for drainage near UL. The crew was about four feet deep when Romero's co-worker, Shawn Duhon, noticed the ring.

Darren Menard shared the update on his Facebook page, expressing his joy and thanking Colbie and his crew for finding the class ring that he thought was gone forever.

Romero says he didn't expect the story to take off the way that it has on Facebook, but he's glad they were able to get the ring to Menard.

didnt think it would attract so much attention and ive received numerous messages telling me i did the right thing its crazy

I have no clue where my class ring is (sorry, Mom), but maybe I'll get lucky like Darren one day.

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