So here it is the final day of March. Tomorrow is that God awful April Fools Day. That's the day when more disc jockeys get fired than any other. I promise you we won't be tricking you tomorrow or any day. We have too much respect for you.

However, before we can get to the lawsuits of April 1, we must get through this final day of March. When you think of technology these two items are on opposite ends of the user ability spectrum. One of them we used everyday as kids, these days kids use the other one almost as much as we used the first one.

Today Is Crayola Crayon Day: Is there anything more wonderful than coloring with crayons? If you had to stop and think about it then it's been too long since you did some coloring. Crayola Crayons hit the market this day in 1903 and have been creating artwork for refrigerators ever since. When I was a kid we usually started the school year with the basic box of 8 crayons. Then if you were lucky at sometime in your life you actually owned the Holy Grail of coloring. The box of 64 with built in sharpener. Life was better when it was simple, don't you think?

Today is World Backup Day: I remember calling my Mom several years ago and I asked her if she had backed her computer up. Her reply was "I slid it backwards about three inches in the desk, why do you ask?" The fact is most of us don't backup our computers at all. Which is amazing to me considering all the different options we now have for storing data and files. Think of how you would feel if you lost those pictures from 2005 that you haven't looked at for ten years? Yeah I know, better back that system up and celebrate world back-up day.

From the most basic communication device, the crayon, to the most complicated communication device most of us can operate, the computer, today is a reason to celebrate. Think of it like this, if you don't back your computer up, you might be doing your next business presentation using crayons. That is if you want to make a big splash in front of your clients.

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