I don't remember the very first time I put a creamy fork full of this heavenly deliciousness in my mouth. I do remember I liked it because it was covered with cherries. Not fresh cherries but the kind of cherries that you find in a syrup and they are all sticky and gooey. I remember seeing the juices cascading down the sides of this white pie like slice of something that was being called cake. I was intrigued. After one taste, I was hooked.

Today is Cheesecake Day: Maybe it's because I am ancient and cheese was still brand new when I was a kid but I don't remember all the fancy cheesecakes you see now being available back then. There was only one cheesecake. It was plain. It was white in color. It had a Graham Cracker crust. It was usually covered in some kind of syrupy fruit concoction.

The cheesecakes they make today are truly works of art. There are swirls and sparkles, bursts of flavor and subtle undertones of alcohol and they all count as cheesecake. One of the best local cheesecakes I have found comes from Copeland's Restaurant. While they are known for their seafood and steaks, they have their own slice of heaven that is nothing but cheesecakes.

As a matter of fact Copeland's has a special deal going on today in celebration of cheesecake day. I will caution you if you "come on over to Copeland's" for dinner and cheesecake do not expect romance later that night. You will be too full to do anything but relax and reminisce about the incredible meal you just enjoyed.

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