If you have a relationship with your grandmother or had a relationship with your grandmother then consider yourself blessed. I never knew the pleasure of knowing either of my grandmothers. I do know that based on all accounts that I have witnessed and heard described, grandmothers may be the coolest thing the good Lord ever invented. I think it is only right that we take a moment and celebrate our keepers of family tradition, recipes, and stories with a special day.

Today Is Gorgeous Grandmother Day: Who doesn't have a grandmother that is absolutely gorgeous? They are all so beautiful in so many ways. They are what cookies are to a cold glass of milk. They are what rice is to gumbo. They are the quiet whispers about the mischievous actions of those people we call mom and dad.

Since we don't have enough words to describe how great our grannies, ma-maws, nana's, Gigi's and the like really are, may we ask for a picture of your grandmother? No matter what name you call your grandma.  It would be oh-so-wonderful if you'd write a little bit about her and why you  love her or miss her so much.  It would be our honor to share your feelings with the rest of the family that loves all of our grandmothers with all of our hearts here at 97.3 The Dawg.

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