We're always on the look out for cool places here in Louisiana, and usually it's not too hard!  Only in Louisiana has some creepy houses that definitely need to be seen to be believed. Some of them are right here in Acadiana, and I can't wait to visit a couple of these historic and unique places. Some of the most well known places are below, but feel free to let us know if you stumble upon any more around the state!


  1. Loyd Hall Plantation - Cheneyville - blood stains allegedly in the attic that can't be removed
  2. San Francisco Plantation - Reserve - small crying children spotted throughout the years
  3. T'Frere's House Bed and Breakfast - Lafayette - just....creepy
  4. Bienvenue Bed and Breakfast - St Martinville - Isabel Robertson and her disabled daughter supposedly haunt this house
  5. Shadows on the Teche - New Iberia - Supposedly haunted by a former resident killed by Union soldiers
  6. The Gardette - LaPrete House - New Orleans - a Turkish prince was murdered here
  7. Logan Mansion - Shreveport - haunted by former owners
  8. LaLaurie Mansion - New Orleans -  home of Madame LaLaurie, who tortured and brutalized her slaves
  9. Nicholson's Home - Washington - Civil War hospital haunted by soldiers who died there
  10. Ardoyne Plantation - Schreiver - Haunted by a woman wearing a long white gown
  11. Southdown Plantation - Houma - ghosts in the attic
  12. Hans Muller House - New Orleans - adults, children, and pets who visited would go missing from this home

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