Japanese customer service is a lot different than American customer service that's for sure. While many companies in our country say they offer great customer service, compared to the Japanese we are woefully lacking.

Have you ever had to move from one house to another? In America it's usually a couple of college kids and a truck. The stress is unreal as you pray that most of your stuff arrives somewhere near your new home.

In Japan, moving is a pleasurable task. It's almost like taking the day off. There is no packing, no loading, not even any cleaning or unpacking. Don't believe me? Watch this video, it will make you want to sell your house and move today.

Here is another example of  over the top Japanese customer service. This gentleman needs help at the subway station. He presses the button for an attendant an lo and behold he gets one. It's not just a voice on an intercom either.

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