Salads have a great reputation for being a healthy choice in your daily meal plan. Many of us like the convenience of ready-made salad kits. These kits come with the greens, the croutons or other extras and the dressing too. One thing they should not come with is a dead bat.

The discovery of a dead bat in a salad mix offered by Fresh Express and sold at Walmart stores throughout the southeastern United States, including Louisiana, has prompted a recall of certain salad products. Specifically, the dead mammal was discovered in a box of Organic Marketside Spring Mix.

While just the overall grossness of finding a dead animal in your salad should be enough. There are also concerns that disease often associated with bats could be spread through the salad mixes. Officials with Fresh Express and the Centers for Disease Control have assured consumers that the spread of rabies is minimal. Still, the bat in question is being tested for that disease and others.

The product being recalled is in a 5-ounce, clear container with a "Best By" date of April 14, 2017, with production code G089B19. If you have this product in your home it is suggested that you discard it immediately or return the product to any Walmart store for replacement or refund.

Anyone with questions can call the Fresh Express Consumer Response Center 800.242.5472 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central time.

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