It's tough enough for law enforcement officials to deal with the real situations that pop up in their every day world. They certainly don't need people making things up to keep them busy. That concept of making things up has gotten a Rapides Parish woman into some serious trouble.

According to a story reported by the Louisiana Radio Network 24 year old Ashley Ballard of Deville was walking down a road with her four children.

When four men in a white Dodge Neon stopped, knocked her to the ground and took the 2-year-old child from her arms, and left.

That was the story Lt. Tommy Carnline with the Rapides Parish Sheriff's office reported. The report went on to say that the Ballard was able to recover the child in a ditch down the road.

When investigators arrived on the scene to checkout the story and look for these alleged kidnappers, that is when Ballard's story began to unravel.

After our detectives arrived and started conducting their investigation, it was determined that the alleged kidnapping never occurred and the complaint was false.

Lt. Carnline says that Ballard has been charged with filing a false police report. He also said that no motive has been uncovered as to why should would have done such a thing.

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