I was perusing the website Buzzfeed  and I came across an article on the 12 Best Ways to Achieve The Very Best Glamor Shot. I find those kinds of pictures intriguing so I clicked in to take a look.

Glamor shots were a big deal a few years ago. They were and may still be a way for those of us that weren't born glamorous to at least look that way for a few minutes. As I scrolled through the gallery of lovely ladies one picture made me stop and look twice. It is this picture right here.

Full pic

Is this a woman or a man? I don't know why it's important that we ask that question other than I like to know certain things about people. I might like to know where they come from, what they like to do for fun and what gender they happen to be. Most of the time you don't have to ask that last question but in this day and age I find myself wondering more often than I used to. To be honest I have had people confuse me with Reba McEntire, okay most people thought I looked like Susan Boyle.

So what do you think, is that a lady or a dude that looks like a lady?