The question in the title of this story reminds me of the fact that one can't lick their elbow.

You stopped and tried it didn't you?!

The internet is abuzz for a hot minute on this latest obsession about the size of a person's foot in relation to their forearm. Apparently, an anime show called "Case Closed" made the claim those body parts are the same length.

So of course now there's a viral trend where people (at least the flexible ones) are posting photos of their foot next to their forearm.

According to a Buzzfeed survey, the results so far have found that 80% say their foot and forearm are indeed the same length. 17% say their arm is longer while the remaining 3% have a foot longer than their arm.

Fun fact: In the beginning of the movie Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts' character Vivian says, "Did you know your foot is as big as the space between your elbow and your wrist?"

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