We always associated photographs with memories. But it turns out those photos might be affecting your ability to remember the events and your surroundings when you actually snapped the picture.  A recent scientific study suggests that our ability to recall details about the object we photographed diminish the moment we click the shutter.

The reason why is pretty easily explained once you think about it. By taking a picture we are acknowledging to ourselves that we no longer need to "remember" the details. We subliminally know that we have a record of the moment tucked away for safe keeping. Therefore our brains won't soak up the details and hold on to them.

While we are not suggesting that you stop snapping photos we are suggesting that you put down the camera and live a little more in the actual moment. This might come in handy at a concert where recording the entire show takes away from your ability to enjoy the memory of the evening.

I know for my own personal benefit having people put down their cameras at concerts would certainly enhance my enjoyment of the evening.

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