You might remember that brief time around Lafayette where electric scooters were seen whizzing around the city. And maybe you even thought it was a little bit like the wild, wild west as far as rules and regulations go. The mobile vehicles were available for rent, and things got so out of hand that a ban on them went into effect in late 2018, early 2019.

But now city and parish officials are working with a scooter vendor to bring the “shared mobility devices” back to Lafayette. A time line hasn't really been established yet, but things are at least being talked about for a return.

Mary Sliman, who is the city-parish director for development for the new the new SMD Management Committee, told the Acadiana Advocate “It’s really kind of high in the sky right now. We’ve got all these ideas floating up there and now we need to start deciding which ones we are going to pull down and put into practice."

The ban took place because of huge concerns over safety and obstructions of right of ways, and a pretty big public outcry due to the almost non existent regulations for the scooters. Riders could rent the scooters day or night, and pretty much zoom in and out of where ever they wanted to, until all of that came to a screeching halt with the ban. You might recall seeing the scooters abandoned all over town before they went away completely.

The ban was rescinded earlier this year, and ordinances were implemented to have some kind of firm regulations in place for scooters as well as bicycles. Read more about the impending return from the Advocate.



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