A family ordered a graduation cake from Walmart to celebrate their daughter's big day. The cake they brought home looked delicious. The problem was it wasn't an actual cake. It was styrofoam decorated to look like a cake.

Wdsu.com reports when Marsy Flores got the cake home for her daughter's graduation party things looked great. But, when they cut the cake they discovered the cake was actually just icing covered styrofoam.

Nellie Flores via Facebook -

"Walmart on Shaver/Southmore sucks. My sister ordered a 2 tier cake and they lost the order. Then they tell her they will fix her a cake for free just pick one. So she does. At dinner after my niece graduated and were at dinner. My sister goes to cut the cake and it was Styrofoam. WTH!!! That was so much BS. . So they tried to make up for it by giving her a gift card. But that was still not right."


How could this possibly happen?

According to Marsy Flores, they initially ordered a two-tier cake but when they showed up they were told the cake had not been made.

From wdsu.com -

"Then the store told her she could choose any other cake in the store – free of charge. Flores told KPRC that she chose another cake, a smaller one than the one she ordered, and the staff decorated it and added a picture.

It wasn’t until they were cutting the cake at the party that Flores realized it was just made of Styrofoam."

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