Tonight is the big Trace Adkins show at Parc International in downtown Lafayette as we celebrate Acadiana and America's Veterans for Honorfest.

Some people may not know that Trace's first band was a group based out of Acadiana called Bayou. The band featured Trace, Kip Sonnier, Steve Grisaffe, Eddie Bodin and Benny Sonnier.

That band toured across most of the south and southwest U.S. in the late 80s. Then of course a few years later Trace Adkins would go on to break onto the national scene as a solo artist.

Well, fast forward to tonight where the opening band will feature three of the other four members of Bayou. So it's sort of a reunion show! And for the first time since Bayou disbanded, both Trace and his old pals will be sharing the stage in a sense.

Kip Sonnier is heading up the opening band and he was kind enough to share some pictures from the Bayou days.

Ah, good times!

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